Select & Style Your DIYtainer


DIYtainers Kit
Perfect to Begin With



What’s Included

One Box – 155 OR 106

All Add-Ons – In Selected Box Size

3D Printing Files, Cutting Sheets & Assembly Guides

Save $5


DIYtainers Kit
Everything for DIY Enthusiasts



What’s Included

Both Boxes 155 & 106

All Specialty Boxes – Both Sizes

All Add-Ons – Both Sizes

3D Printing Files, Cutting Sheets & Assembly Guides

Save $35


DIYtainers Kit
For Passionate Creators



What’s Included

One Box – 155 OR 106

All Specialty Boxes – In Selected Box Size

All Add-Ons – In Selected Box Size

3D Printing Files, Cutting Sheets & Assembly Guides

Save $15

What's Included?

Everything You Need to Create a DIYtainer Box – Instant Digital Download


Like the One Shown

The sizes of the boxes are 400mm x 300mm with two height options: 106mm or 155mm (more sizes coming soon…)

Expertly Crafted 3D Printing Files

Unlock Your Creativity with Precision and Style!


Cutting Sheets

Cutting Sheets for the Lid, Base and Side Panels

Assembly Guides

Step-by-step Assembly Instructions


First Aid, Tools, Auto, Gardening, Electrical &  Craft in Sizes 106 or 155 …

Included 3D Printing Files

    • Large Top Label
    • Left Lid Label (or vise versa)
    • Right Lid Icon (or vise versa)
    • Box Left Front Panel with Art
    • Box Right Front Panel with Art

Assembly Guide

Step-by-step assembly instruction with Color printing suggestions


To print in multiple colors, you need a 3D printer capable of handling two or more colors. We use a Bambu Lab printer with an Automatic Material System (AMS).


The Add-on includes 3D Printing files for Base, LID and 52 various sizes bins.

However, you can use any other standard Gridfinity container.



The stacking system with the half dogs on the DIYtainers are designed for use with standard MFT tables that utilize 20mm dogs and have a 96mm spacing between the holes.



There are pre-existing divider slots in the boxes, with cutting sheets provided for the divider panels. Additionally, we offer Divider Slot Bars for 3D printing, allowing you to create infinite dividers for your boxes in any variation.


License in Plain English


What you can do

Feel free to create as many DIYtainers as you like for personal, non-commercial use. Please note that they cannot be used for any profit-making activities.

What you can’t

  • Share, sell, rent, host, transfer, or distribute the digital files or 3D printed versions.
  • Create and distribute any modified versions.
  • Host these files on other platforms or stores.
  • Use the objects for any paid or fee-based activities.

By purchasing and using this work, you agree to these terms.

You Download 3D Printable Files & Instructions (Not A Physical Box)

You will receive downloadable files for 3D printing along with cutting sheets and step-by-step instructions on how to build your DIYtainers.

Unlimited Custom Boxes - Print Your Style, Print Your Quantity
Print as many DIYtainers as you like, using any suitable filament in any color of your choice. Best of all, if something breaks, simply reprint and replace it. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and personalization with DIYtainers!
The DIYtainers Are Not Festool/Tanos Systainers
Our DIYtainers are designed for DIY enthusiasts and are not intended for heavy-duty professional use like Festool Systainers.
Crack It, Snap It, Break It - Reprint & Replace It
If a part breaks, simply reprint and replace it. This is something you can’t do with any other systainer or box. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of DIYtainers!